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    CAS Number: 50865-01-5

    Protoporphyrin, Disodium Salt

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    Protoporphyrin, Disodium Salt is the disodium salt of Protoporphyrin (syn: Protoporphyrin IX, PPIX), a heterocyclic organic compound and the final intermediate in heme biosynthesis.  Present in all living cells, it serves as a substrate for ferrochelatase (FECH), the final enzyme in heme production. It is a guanylate cyclase (GC) activator.  It is used as a dye component in fluorescence spectroscopic characterization. The compound is used as sensitizer in photodynamic therapy and sonodynamic therapy.  It can be used for photo-bleaching properties.  The use of Protoporphyrin in cancer is due to its photodynamic effects. 

    Protoporphyrin, Disodium salt is soluble in methanol or DMSO but practically insoluble in water.


    Molecular Formula  C34H34N4O4.Na2

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