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    CAS Number: 5685-86-9

    Pyrantel Citrate Salt


    Pyrantel Citrate Salt is a thiophene and anthelmintic agent. It has been used to characterize Ancylostoma caninum isolates. It was described in 1965 by researchers at Pfizer. Pyrantel and its analogs (oxantel and morantel) are members of the tetrahydropyrimidine family. Other salt forms include tartrate and pamoate salts, and the pamoate salt is frequently used in veterinary applications. Pyrantel is a nicotinic agonist for the acetylcholine (ACh) receptor. It is also a cholinesterase inhibitor.

    Pyrantel Citrate Salt is freely soluble in water.

    Mechanism of Action

    Pyrantel Citrate activates the excitatory nicotinic acetylcholine (nACh) receptor causing spastic paralysis of suceptible nematodes.

    Spectrum Pyrantel Citrate Salt has activity against parasites including pinworm, hookworm, roundworm and others.
    Molecular Formula C11H14N2S · C6H8O7

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