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    CAS Number: 33401-94-4

    Pyrantel (+)-tartrate salt

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    Pyrantel (+)-tartrate salt is an anthelmintic (anti-protozoal) that was first desribed in 1965 by Pfizer. It is effective against intestinal nematodes (roundworm, threadworm, and hookworm, nodular worm). The compound is soluble in DMSO.

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    Mechanism of Action

    Pyrantel (+)-tartrate salt is a nicotinic receptor agonist. It can activate nACh receptors on the body wall muscle of nematodes, causing muscle paralysis.

    Spectrum anthelmintic agent
    General Applications

    Pyrantel (+)-tartrate salt is used to study allosteric modulation of the neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs).

    Eukaryotic Cell Culture Applications

    Pyrantel tartrate was evaluated during in vitro culture of horse dermal cell culture in which merozoites from Sarcocystic neurona were growing,the causal agent of protozoal yeloencephalitis, a neurologic disease of horses. Merozoites were exposed to a range of concentrations then plated onto dermal cell cultures. Authors found that pyrantel tartrate has activity against emerozoites in vitro (Kruttlin et al, 2001).

    Molecular Formula C11H14N2S · C4H6O6

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