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    CAS Number: 216974-75-3

    Bevacizumab, Lyophilized powder

    Bevacizumab is an angiogenesis inhibiting monoclonal antibody and is commonly used to treat certain metastatic cancers.
    Mechanism of ActionBevacizumab can inhibit tumor growth in a few different ways including inhibiting new blood vessel growth, altering vascular function and blood flow in tumor, and regression of newly formed tumor vasculature.
    SpectrumBevacizumab is effective at treating metastatic colon cancer, lung cancers, renal cancers, ovarian cancers, and breast cancer.
    Molecular FormulaC6638H10160N1720O2108S44
    ReferencesEllis, Lee M. "Mechanisms of Action of Bevacizumab as a Component of Therapy for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer." Seminars in Oncology 33 (2006)