TOKU-E Optimized Antimicrobials for Susceptibility Testing

Antimicrobials are used in a number of applications in life science research, but they are not always optimized for your unique application.

Pharmaceutical-grade antibiotics are designed for in vivo systems but are not optimized for in vitro systems. Even USP and EP grade material is not optimized for AST platforms. TOKU-E services are designed to complement AST testing platforms, using optimized antimicrobials for improved workflows, added efficiency, and increased effectiveness.

There are number of ways to optimize your susceptibility testing platforms to increase efficiency and performance and TOKU-E can help with the following aspects:



TOKU-E Custom Plate Manufacturing

If you are developing your AST platform, we offer flexible plate manufacturing to match your design specifications.  

  • Broad portfolio of antibiotics
  • Stabilized formulations for enhanced shelf life
  • Antimicrobial bead preparation
  • Flexible configurations and panel dosage according to plate map
  • Proprietary QC method for up to 2% accuracy of antibiotic concentrations
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Flexible order minimums




“TOKU-E interacted with us to share their experience in antibiotics stability. They were able to produce for FASTinov dried stable panels with antibiotics and probes according to our specifications for a rapid antimicrobial susceptibility assay. My experience with TOKU-E couldn’t be better.  Their professionalism and high standard procedures since the beginning were very appreciated. All the interactions were very open and interactive from both sides and a close relationship was built. One of the challenges was the distance between Portugal and the manufacturer site, Singapore, but TOKU-E respected all the timelines for delivering. TOKU-E became an important partner of FASTinov, and we expect to continue to work with them for many years. I would no doubt recommend TOKU-E to my clients. I would also add my professional respect to the Belgium group headed by Lia Verdoodt that has been planning and monitoring all the working groups and dealing with the interactions.”


Cidália Pina Vaz, MD

Co-founder and CSO of FASTinov (Portugal)


About FASTinov 

FASTinov S.A. is a spin-off of University of Porto founded in 2013 by a multidisciplinary team with expertise in clinical microbiology and flow cytometry assay. FASTinov developed a patented disruptive technology to perform fast and reliable antimicrobial susceptibility tests and is in the process of certifying the FAST kits and large-scale production. The time-saving solution can be directly applied to positive blood cultures, urine or pure colony isolates of bacteria or yeast. The innovative approach allows the determination of the susceptibility phenotype in 2 hours versus the minimum of 48 hours needed with current standard methods.





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