TOKU-E Optimized Antimicrobials for Susceptibility Testing

Antimicrobials are used in a number of applications in life science research, but they are not always optimized for your unique application.

Pharmaceutical-grade antibiotics are designed for in vivo systems but are not optimized for in vitro systems. Even USP and EP grade material is not optimized for AST platforms. TOKU-E services are designed to complement AST testing platforms, using optimized antimicrobials for improved workflows, added efficiency, and increased effectiveness.

There are number of ways to optimize your susceptibility testing platforms to increase efficiency and performance and TOKU-E can help with the following aspects:

Solubility: Many AST systems require the antibiotic to be soluble in water or other compatible solvents. If your system has specific requirements for optimal performance, we can enhance its solubility for your platform.

Stability: Antimicrobial degradation is influenced by the presence of impurities, concentration, and storage conditions. TOKU-E can conduct stability studies (real-time/accelerated) for your intended platform and improve the stability of your formulation by incorporating stabilizers/excipients, modifying compounds, or improving impurity profiles to extend the life of your product.

Potency/impurity profiling: Pharmaceutical-grade antimicrobials contain impurities which may influence their performance. Controlling the impurity profile can avoid false positive/negative results. We can purify the antibiotics to remove impurities for improved performance. TOKU-E’s ability to measure the activity of antibiotics in very low concentrations, allows for more accurate concentration determinations of antibiotics. Microbiological susceptibility testing capabilities support validation and performance verification of the system.

Filling/drying: Filling/dispensing and dry-down procedures (air/vacuum/lyophilization), for process optimization workflows.

Formulation: Preparation of antimicrobial solutions with optimal diluent, excipients/additives, antimicrobial cocktail formulations, particle size modifications are ways we can prepare custom products to meet your needs.

Plastics: Custom plastics manufacturing capabilities with industrial partner, including plastic injection molding, blister pack design, and plate/panel manufacturing capabilities.


TOKU-E Custom Plate Manufacturing

If you are developing your AST platform, we offer flexible plate manufacturing to match your design specifications.  

  • Broad portfolio of antibiotics
  • Stabilized formulations for enhanced shelf life
  • Antimicrobial bead preparation
  • Flexible configurations and panel dosage according to plate map
  • Proprietary QC method for up to 2% accuracy of antibiotic concentrations
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Flexible order minimums


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Please contact us for more information.