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    CAS Number: 551-92-8


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    Dimetridazole is a slightly soluble nitromidazole compound used to combat protozoa and bacteria.

    Mechanism of Action The mechanism of action of dimetridazole is not well understood; however, it is thought to inhibit cell growth by preventing nucleic-acid synthesis.
    Eukaryotic Cell Culture Applications Dimetridazole is effective against Campylobacter.
    Molecular Formula C5H7N3O2

    Fernie DS and D. A. Ware DA (1977)  The effect of the Nitroimidazole drug Dimetridazole on microaerophilic Campylobacters.  J. Med. Microbiol. 10(2):233-240

    MIC Treponema hyodysenteriae | 0.1 - >10 || Treponema innocens| 0.5 - <2 ||