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    CAS Number: 68-19-9

    Vitamin B12, USP

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    Vitamin B12 has the largest and most complicated structure of the B vitamins. Vitamin B12 is soluble in aqueous solution at 12.5 mg/mL.

    Mechanism of ActionVitamin B12 is required for DNA synthesis as it serves as a precursor for the amino acid methionine. This is consistent with a finding that bacterial cells with a vitamin B12 deficiency have significantly less cellular DNA content. In addition, vitamin B12 is converted into s-adenosylmethionine, a broad spectrum methyl group donor for >100 different substrates including DNA, RNA, and a number of proteins.
    Microbiology ApplicationsBecause of its role in a number of essential cellular processes, vitamin B12 is frequently used as a cell culture media supplement.
    Molecular FormulaC63H88CoN14O14P

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