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    CAS Number: 151928-32-4

    WIN 66306

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    WIN 66306 is a cyclic peptide discovered during a search for inhibitors of Substance P binding to neurokinin (NK) receptors by Sterling Winthrop Pharmaceuticals in 1994. WIN 66306, isolated from Aspergillus sp., is active at both the NK1 and NK2 receptor subtypes and is more active against human NK1 receptors than rat NK1 receptors.

    Molecular Formula  C41H52N8O9
    • Barrow CJ et al (1994)  WIN 66306, a new neurokinin antagonist producted by an Aspergillus species; Fermentation, isolation and physicochemical properties. J. Antibiot. 47:1182
    • Barrow CJ et al (1994)  Structure determination, pharmacological evaluation and structure-activity relationship studies of a new cyclic peptide Substance P antagonist containing the new amino acid, 3-prenyl-β-hydroxytyrosine, isolated from Aspergillus flavus. J. Med. Chem. 37:356