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    CAS Number: 66584-72-3

    Ansamitocin P3

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    Ansamitocins, a new group of ansamycin antibiotics with potent antitumor activity, were first reported in the journal Nature in 1977 by researchers from Takeda Chemical Industries. Anisomitocin P3 is the 3-O-methylpropanoyl derivative of maytansinol produced by bacteria rather than maytansinoid-producing plants. Ansamitocin P3 inhibits the growth of several eukaryotic microorganisms but has no activity against prokaryotic microorganisms. The acyl moieties at the C-3 position of ansamitocins are essential for their antifungal activities. Ansamitocin P3 targets cell division protein FtsZ, the analogue of β-tubulin in bacteria.

    Molecular Formula  C32H43ClN2O9

    Higashide E et al (1977)  Ansamitocin, a group of novel maytansinoid antibiotics with antitumour properties from Nocardia. Nature 270:721

    Ootsu K et al (1980)  Effects of new antimitotic antibiotics, ansamitocins, on the growth of murine tumors in vivo and on the assembly of microtubules in vitro. Cancer Res. 40:1707

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