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    CAS Number: 1135775-06-2

    Banksialactone A

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    Banksialactone A is the simplest and major analogue of a family of isochromanones isolated from an Australian fungus,
    Aspergillus banksianus, by researchers at Macquarie University, Australia and Microbial Screening Technologies in 2018. While Banksialactone A showed only weak activity in in-house chemotherapeutic bioassays, analogs containing the core structure were moderately active, demonstrating its potential as a chemical scaffold.

    Molecular Formula  C13H16O

    Chaudhary NK et al (2018)  Balanksialactones and banksiamarins: Isochromanones and isocoumarins from an Australian fungus, Aspergillus banksianus. J. Nat. Prod. 81:1517