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    Biapenem is a broad-spectrum carbapenem antibiotic with activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.  It is useful for pathogens causing intra-abdominal, lower respiratory, and urinary tract infections. It is highly resistant to most types of B-lactamases from both aerobes and anaerobes.

    Mechanism of ActionBiapanem has a similar structure and activity to imipenem but has a methyl group in the 1-beta position. Addition of the methyl group confers resistance to human renal dehydropeptidase-I (DHP-1).
    SpectrumGram-positive, Gram-negative bacteria, both aerobic and anaerobic
    Microbiology ApplicationsThe in vitro and in vivo activity of Biapenem was compared to imipenem, meropenem and others, against 441 anaerobes. It had activity comparable to imipenem and meropenem against all groups of anaerobes with MICs for 90% strains tested of 0.06 to 2 µg/ml and 98.6% of strains at ≤ 1 µg/ml, indicating excellent performance against anaerobic bacteria. It is active against B. capillosus, Prevotella, Clostridum, and Eubacterium strains. Exceptions include type I, chromosomally mediated β-lactamases from aerobic, Gram-negative bacilli, and the metallo-containing β-lactamases of anaerobes. (Tsuji et al, 1998).

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    Molecular FormulaC15H18N4O4S
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