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    CAS Number: 1918-00-9


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    Dicamba is an herbicide derived from benzoic acid. It is used to control weeds and brush commercially, and is frequently one of many active ingredients in mixed herbicide products and lawn care products.

    Dicamba is soluble in ethanol and acetone. Very slightly soluble in water.
    Mechanism of ActionDicamba functions by increasing plant growth rate by mimicking a natural plant growth hormone. At sufficient concentrations, the plant outgrows its nutrient supplies and dies.
    Molecular FormulaC8H6Cl2O3
    ReferencesGrossmann, K., Caspar, G., Kwiatkowski, J., & Bowe, S. J. (2002). On the mechanism of selectivity of the corn herbicide BAS 662H: A combination of the novel auxin transport inhibitor diflufenzopyr and the auxin herbicide dicamba. Pest. Manag. Sci. Pest Management Science, 58(10), 1002-1014. doi:10.1002/ps.549