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    CAS Number: 2577-62-0

    DL-2,6-Diaminopimelic Acid

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    DL-2,6-Diaminopimelic Acid is a stereoisomer of mesodiaminopimelic acid (meso-DAP), a constituent of the peptidoglycans present in the cell walls of algae and most bacteria. DL-Diaminopimelic Acid is found in the cell wall of some actinomycetes, including Nocardia. DL-Diaminopimelic acid can be used as a reference material to detect markers of microbial origin in the rumen of ruminents like sheep.  Meso-DAP is a precursor to L-lysine and a component of cell wall peptidoglycan in the bacterial cell wall.

    Molecular Formula  C7H14N2O4

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