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    DL-phosphinothricin is a freely soluble broad spectrum herbicide also known as glufosinate ammonium.

    Mechanism of ActionDL-phosphinothricin interferes with the synthesis of the amino acid, glutamine.Toxicity of DL-phosphinothricin arises from glutamine shortages which can lead to an inability to detoxify ammonia and suppress photosynthesis activity.
    Plant Biology ApplicationsDL-Phosphinothricin is a broad spectrum herbicide used to inhibit growth of unwanted plants. As an herbicide, DL-Phosphinothricin can be used as selection marker as well since resistance can be transferred by genetic transformation. McPhee and co-workers (2004) used glufosinate ammonium for selecting successfully transformed Pea plantlets.
    Molecular FormulaC5H15N2O4P

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