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    CAS Number: 750590-18-2

    Tropodithietic Acid

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    Tropodithietic Acid is a potent antibiotic isolated from a Roseobacter strain by Brinkhoff and colleagues at the University of Gottingen, Germany in 2004. Tropodithietic Acid is a strong inhibitor of marine bacteria, promoter of algal health and a potent quorum sensing regulator. Tropodithietic Acid is a tropone that exists as an interconverting tautomer with thiotropocin, itself isolated in the 1980s as a metabolite from a strain of Pseudomonas. Tropodithietic acid has potent, broad-spectrum anticancer activity, acting via a mechanism similar to polyether antibiotics.

    Molecular Formula C8H4O3S2

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