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    CAS Number: 81334-34-1


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    Imazapyr is an insoluble herbicide which belongs to the imidazolinone family.

    Mechanism of ActionImazapyr inhibits acetolactate synthase (ALS) which plays an essential role in the biosynthesis of branched chain amino acids.
    Plant Biology ApplicationsImazapyr is most effective post-emergence to kill broadleaf weeds and grasses less than 10 cm in height (Armel, 2003). ALS inhibiting herbicides account for approximately 17.5% of the global herbicide usage in corn and other agricultural goods (Green, 2008).
    Molecular FormulaC13H15N3O3
    ReferencesArmel G.R., Wilson H.P., Richardson R.J. and Hines T.E., 2003, Use of Mixtures of Mesotrione, Imazethapyr, and Imazethapyr Plus Imazapyr inImidazolinone-Resistant Corn (Zea mays). Weed Technology, Vol. 17, No. 4 (Oct. - Dec., 2003), pp. 674-679

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