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    Mer-NF5003E is a sesquiterpenoid mycotoxin isolated from Stachybotrys strains, first published in 1994 as an avian
    myeloblastosis virus (AMV) protease inhibitor. Mer-NF5003E is inactive against HIV due to host cell toxicity. An analogue, MerNF5003B has been isolated from fungal biomass and dust samples collected in a domestic facility and may be a useful
    biomarker to assess exposure to potentially harmful S. chartarum contamination. 

    Molecular Formula  C23H32O

    Dosen I et al (2016)  Stachybotrys mycotoxins: from culture extracts to dust samples. Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 408:5513

    Kaneta R et al (1994)  Mer-NF5003B, E and F, novel sesquiterpenoids as avian myeloblastosis virus protease inhibitors produced by Stachybotrys sp. J. Antibiot. 47:727