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    CAS Number: 102-07-8

    Nanangenine H

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    The nanangenines are newly discovered drimane sesquiterpenoid metabolites from a hitherto undescribed Australian fungus, Aspergillus nanangensis. Nanangenine H is an acylated drimane which is a putative biosynthetic intermediate of the higher nanagenines. Nanangenine H is inactive against B. subtilis (IC50 >100 μg/mL) and modestly active against NS-1 cell line (IC50 47 μg/mL). The nanangenines did not exhibit Gram negative, antibacterial, antifungal or herbicidal activity.

    Molecular Formula  C22H36O6

    Lacey HJ et al (2019)  Nanangenines: drimane sesquiterpenoids as the dominant metabolite cohort of a novel Australian fungus, Aspergillus nanangensis. Beilstein J Org Chem. 15:2631