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    Nitazoxanide is a thiazolid drug used primarily in the treatment of Giardia intestinalis infection in humans. In addition to its antiparasitic activity, it as also demonstrated promise against a broad spectrum of gram-postive and gram-negative bacterial pathogens, including both aerobic and anaerobic species.

    Nitazoxanide is soluble in DMSO, poorly soluble in ethanol, and practically insoluble in water.
    Mechanism of ActionThe mechanism of nitrazoxanide's activity against helminths is not yet known.
    Molecular FormulaC12H9N3O5S
    ReferencesFox, L. M., & Saravolatz, L. D. (2005). Nitazoxanide: A new Thiazolide Antiparasitic agent. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 40(8), 1173–1180. doi:10.1086/428839