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    CAS Number: 192564-14-0

    Oritavancin Diphosphate

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    Oritavancin is a semi-synthetic vancomycin analogue active against Gram-positive bacteria. It has a secondary mode of action that allows it to remain active against vancomycin-resistant organisms. It is rapidly bactericidal and effective at killing biofilm-producing pathogens like MRSA and VRE.

    Oritavancin diphosphate is soluble in water.

    Mechanism of Action Like other glycopeptides and lipoglycopeptides, oritavancin inhibits transglycosylation to stop peptidoglycan synthesis.

    Its secondary mode of action is to interact directly with the cell membranes, causing depolarization which permeabilizes the membrane and causes cell death.
    Molecular Formula C86H97Cl3N10O26 · 2H3PO4
    References Zhanel, G. G., Schweizer, F., & Karlowsky, J. A. (2012). Oritavancin: Mechanism of action. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 54(suppl 3), S214–S219. doi:10.1093/cid/cir920