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    Oxymatrine is an alkaloid extracted from Sophora spp. It has shown antifibrotic and neuroprotective properties, and in the last five years has been studied for its anti-HBV activity. Its antiviral properties were studied due to its use in traditional Chinese medicine. It is very similar in structure to Matrine (M075).
    Mechanism of ActionThe antiviral mode of action of oxymatrine has not yet been proven, though there have been multiple studies.
    Molecular FormulaC15H24N2O2
    ReferencesWang, Y.-P., Zhao, W., Xue, R., Zhou, Z.-X., Liu, F., Han, Y.-X., … Jiang, J.-D. (2011). Oxymatrine inhibits hepatitis B infection with an advantage of overcoming drug-resistance. Antiviral Research, 89(3), 227–231. doi:10.1016/j.antiviral.2011.01.005

    Xu, W.-S., Zhao, K.-K., Miao, X.-H., Ni, W., Cai, X., Zhang, R.-Q., & Wang, J.-X. (2010). Effect of oxymatrine on the replication cycle of hepatitis B virus in vitro. World Journal of Gastroenterology : WJG, 16(16), 2028–2037.