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    CAS Number: 72496-41-4


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    Pirarubicin is an anthracycline anticancer agent, an analogue of doxirubicin that is able to overcome some doxirubicin resistant cell lines.

    TOKU-E offers  both pirarubicin (P116) and pirarubicin hydrochloride (P117). In aqueous solution, pirarubicin hydrochlloride is soluble in water. Pirarubicin is only slightly soluble in water.
    Mechanism of ActionPirarubicin interacts with topoisomerase II, inhibiting the DNA polymerase complex and suppressing DNA replication.
    ReferencesZhao, H., Yao, Y., Wang, Z., Lin, F., Sun, Y., & Chen, P. (2010). Therapeutic effect of Pirarubicin-Based chemotherapy for Osteosarcoma patients with lung Metastasis. Journal of Chemotherapy, 22(2), 119–124. doi:10.1179/joc.2010.22.2.119