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    CAS Number: 511-89-7


    Plumieride is a widely bioactive compound able to be isolated from several plants. Plumieride specifically is cytotoxic, and essential oils and ethanol extracts of plants containing Plumieride have been found to act as a diuretic, antibacterial, antipsychotic, antitumor, and HIV inhibitors.
    ReferencesDobhal, M. P., Li, G., Gryshuk, A., Graham, A., Bhatanager, A. K., Khaja, S. D., … Pandey, R. K. (2005). Structural modifications of Plumieride isolated from Plumeria bicolor and the effect of these modifications on in vitro Anticancer activity. ChemInform, 36(4), . doi:10.1002/chin.200504206

    Sharma, U., Singh, D., Kumar, P., Dobhal, M. P., & Singh, S. (2011). Antiparasitic activity of plumericin & isoplumericin isolated from Plumeria bicolor against Leishmania donovani. Indian Journal of Medical Research, 134, 709–716.