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    CAS Number: 28002-18-8

    Sulbenicillin Sodium

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    Sulbenicillin sodium is the sodium salt of sulbenicillin.  Sulbenicillin is a broad-spectrum semisynthetic penicillin antibiotic.
    Mechanism of ActionSulbenicillin differs from carbenicillin in having a sulfo group instead of a carboxy group in the a-position. The compound acts on the peptidoglycan layer.
    SpectrumEffective against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria including Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
    Eukaryotic Cell Culture ApplicationsAn in vitro, cell culture system using the MTT for drug toxicity to the corneal endothelium was developed. The MTT assay was used to test cytotoxicity of Sulbenicillin to cultured porcine corneal endothelial cells. In its original 10-fold intracameral injection dose, the drug was considered safe and did not show any cytotoxicity. It was only toxic at a 100-fold intracameral injection dose. This in vitro method has the following advantages over in vivo methods: it is quick, convenient, and economical, and large numbers of toxic compounds can be compared side-by-side. (Wang et al, 1996).
    Molecular FormulaC16H16N2O7S2 • Na2
    SolubilityWater (91 mg/ml), DMSO (91 mg/ml) Ethanol: insoluble
    ReferencesAonuma S, Ariji F, Oizumi K, Konno K (1987) Electron microscopy of Pseudomonas aeruginosa treated with sulbenicillin and dibekacin. Tohoku J. Exp. Med. 152(2):119-28 PMID 3114912 Hansen I, Jacobsen E and Weis J (1975) Pharmacokinetics of sulbenicillin, a new broad-spectrum semisynthetic penicillin. Am. Soc. Clin. Pharmacol. Ther. 17(3):339-347 PMID 1120400 Kjellander J, Lanner A and Norrby R (1978) Bacteriological and clinical studies of sulbenicillin. Scand. J. Infect. Dis. 10(3):235-241. PMID 362518 Wang HZ, Chang CH, Lin CP and Tsai MC (1996) Using MTT viability assay to test the cytotoxicity of antibiotics and steroid to cultured porcine corneal endothelial cells. J. Ocul. Harmacol Ther 12(1):35-43 PMID 8925394