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    CAS Number: 51707-55-2



    Thidazuron is a cytokinin-lilke plant hormone routinely used to promote plant tissue regeneration.

    Plant Biology ApplicationsThidiazuron shows cytokinin-like characteristics with the most potent effect out of nine other cytokinin-like compounds. Thidiazuron has since then been the focus of many studies in plant cell tissue culture and seems to be a powerful regulator of various morphogenic processes. Thidiazuron use can induce callus formation, somatic embryos, adventitious shoot formation, and axillary shoot proliferation (Schulze, 2007).
    ReferencesSchulze J., Improvements in Cereal Tissue Culture by Thidiazuron: A Review, Fruit, Vegetable and Cereal Science and Biotechnology, Vol. 1(2), pp. 64-79, 2007.