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    CAS Number: 180288-69-1


    Trastuzumab is a recombinant humanized monoclonal antibody that is used in the treatment of cancer.

    This product comes in a liquid form with a protein content of >15 mg/mL.
    Mechanism of ActionHER2 is a receptor tyrosine kinase and epidermal growth factor which overexpresses in breast cancer cells causing over-proliferation. Trastuzumab targets the extracellular domain IV of HER2, keeping it from dimerizing and activating.
    Molecular Formula‎C6470H10012N1726O2013S42
    ReferencesVu, T., & Claret, F. X. (2012). Trastuzumab: Updated Mechanisms of Action and Resistance in Breast Cancer. Frontiers in Oncology, 2, 62.