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    CAS Number: 58856-93-2

    Zymosan A

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    Zymosan A is a polysaccharide compound found on the surface of various fungi. Zymosan A has been found to bind to TLR2, a surface membrane receptor responsible for recognizing bacterial, viral, and fungal substances. Zymosan A is insoluble in water.

    ApplicationZymosan A can be used to study cytokine secretion and other immunologic properties in macrophages and dendritic cells (DCs).
    Mechanism of ActionZymosan A binds to and stimulates TLR2 (Toll-like receptor 2), a surface protein responsible for recognizing foreign substances such as cell wall components in pathogenic bacteria. Upon stimulation, TLR2 initiates a signaling cascade which eventually leads to specific immune responses.
    Molecular Formula(C6H10O5)x
    ReferencesDillon, Stephanie. "Yeast Zymosan, a Stimulus for TLR2 and Dectin-1, Induces Regulatory Antigen-presenting Cells and Immunological Tolerance." The Journal of Clinical Investigation 116.4 (2006): 916-28. Web. 17 Apr. 2013.