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    CAS Number: 612069-27-9

    Azithromycin impurity E, EvoPure®


    Azithromycin impurity E, EvoPure® (Aminoazithromycin) is one of several impurities found in Azithromycin and can be used as a reference standard for impurity profiling.

    TOKU-E carries the following Azithromycin derivatives:

    ApplicationAzithromycin impurity E is primarily used as a reference standard. Reference standards are well characterized compounds that can be used to help identify and/or quantify impurities in pharmaceutical compounds and antimicrobials.
    Mechanism of ActionAzithromycin inhibits bacterial growth by binding to the 70S ribosome (specifically the 50S subunit) preventing peptide bond formation and translocation during protein synthesis. Resistance is attributed to mutations in 50S rRNA preventing binding of Azithromycin and allowing the cell to synthesize error-free proteins.
    Molecular FormulaC36H68N2O12

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