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    CAS Number: 58798-97-3

    Berninamycin A

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    Berninamycin A is an antibiotic discovered in 1976 from a strain of Streptomyces. Berninamycin A is a macrocyclic 'peptide' comprising atypical amino acids linked to thiazole and oxazoles. Berninamycin A is closely related to siomycin, a recently discovered inhibitor of oncogenic transcription factor, FoxM1.

    Berninamycin A is soluble in DMF and DMSO. 
    Mechanism of ActionChemically very complex, berninamycin A is an inducer of tipA, a gene that controls the bacterial transcription regulators, TipAL and TipAS, that are central to multidrug resistance.
    Molecular FormulaC51H51N15O15S
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