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    CAS Number: 161263-50-9

    Berninamycin D

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    Berninamycin D is an antibiotic isolated in 1994 from a strain of Streptomyces as a minor analogue of berninamycin A. Berninamycin D is a macrocyclic 'peptide' comprising atypical amino acids linked to thiazole and oxazoles but does not contain the didehydroalaninyl side chain present in other members of this class. The implications of the absence of this side chain are unknown and lack of availability has prevented a fuller investigation of this metabolite.

    Berninamycin D is soluble in DMF and DMSO and is moderately soluble in methanol and ethanol. 
    Molecular FormulaC45H45N13O13S
    ReferencesBerninamycins B, C and D, minor metabolites from Streptomyces bernensis. Lau R.C. et al. J Antibiot. 1994, 47, 1466.