Posted on 01.18.23

Simplify your lab life with ReadyMade™ antibiotic solutions


Simplify your lab life with ReadyMade™ antibiotic solutions

If you routinely prepare lab media containing antibiotics, you eventually develop your own tips to make life simpler for yourself, like preparing those antibiotic stock solutions ahead of time and freezing them. Sounds like cooking, right? But wait… What if you could leave the cooking up to us?

Our R&D team have prepared up a line of ReadyMade solutions for common research antibiotics just for you! We have a range of antimicrobial solutions that can be used in many different applications, like cell culture, plant biology, cancer research, and susceptibility testing. Each solution has been stringently formulated, QC-tested, and sterile-filtered using a 0.2 µm filter.

Since lab safety is a concern for everyone, our solution-based format means you don’t have to handle potentially hazardous powders. Our ReadyMade solutions come ready to go, and come in a really cute box that will definitely brighten your lab freezer. And since you won’t need to purchase filtration units/syringes for filter sterilization, you can save time and money.

We have a bunch of different ReadyMade solutions already cooked up, but we also welcome the opportunity to create custom ones that meet your unique needs.

Visit our ReadyMade page today to see which solution is right for you.