Posted on 03.31.20

TOKU-E Talks: Our new look

TOKU-E Talks: Our new look

You may notice we have made a few changes. First, we have modernized the logo. We also have a new look and feel which you will notice is making its way into all of our printed, online, and visual elements of our brand. We have added new brand colors to reflect the vivid colors in the city where we were founded (Tokyo, Japan). Our new website was designed with our customers in mind, and we hope you will like the changes we’ve made.

We have a number of people to thank, since we couldn’t have done this without help. To our customers for your continued support and loyalty in using our products in your research. To our staff, for your ideas, feedback and talents. To CG Life, for creating the framework for our new look and feel. To BrandLabs, for the website design and implementation.

Overall, it was a great experience for us, and we hope you enjoy the results.

TATA for now…