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    CAS Number: 102-07-8

    Carbazomycin A

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    Carbazomycin A is a minor metabolite of a family of rare carbazoles initially isolated from an unidentified Streptomyces sp. (subsequently identified as Streptomyces ehimense) by researchers at Hiroshima University in 1980. Carbazomycin A is active against Staphylococcus aureus but possesses only weakly active against fungi and yeast. Like all carbazomycins, carbazomycin A possesses a highly distinct UV spectrum and can be readily identifed and de-replicated by HPLC DAD. The mode of action of carbazomycins has received little attention.

    Molecular Formula  C16H17NO2

    Sakano K et al (1980)  New antibiotics, carbazomycins A and B. I. Fermentation, extraction, purification and physico-​chemical and biological properties. J. Antibiot. 33:683