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    CAS Number: 4547-30


    6,135,438.75₫ - 21,464,711.25₫

    Carnaubadiol is is a triterpene isolated from carnauba, a wax derived from the Brazilian palm, Copernica prunifera. The
    structure of Carnaubadiol was first proposed by Taylor and Ritchie, University of Sydney, Australia, in 1965. Carnaubadiol has antiprotozoal activity but has not been extensively investigated.

    Molecular Formula  C31H54O

    Barnes CS et al (1965)  Carnaubadiol, a triterpene from carnauba wax. Barnes C.S. et al., Aust. J. Chem. 18:1411

    de ALmeida BC et al (2016)  Antiprotozoal activity of extracts and isolated triterpenoids of 'carnauba' (Copernicia prunifera) wax from Brazil. Pharm. Biol. 54:3280