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    CAS Number: 117467-28-4

    Cefditoren pivoxil


    Cefditoren pivoxil is a third generation cephalosporin antibiotic.

    TOKU-E offers three forms of cefditoren: cefditoren (C100)cefditoren sodium (C094), and cefditoren pivoxil (C050). Cefditoren sodium is soluble in aqueous solution, and cefditoren pivoxil is soluble in fat.

    Mechanism of ActionLike β-lactams, cephalosporins interfere with PBP (penicillin binding protein) activity involved in the final phase of peptidoglycan synthesis. PBP’s are enzymes which catalyze a pentaglycine crosslink between alanine and lysine residues providing additional strength to the cell wall. Without a pentaglycine crosslink, the integrity of the cell wall is severely compromised and ultimately leads to cell lysis and death. Resistance to cephalosporins is commonly due to cells containing plasmid encoded β-lactamases.
    SpectrumCefditoren is a broad spectrum antibiotic commonly used against bacteria responsible for community acquired pneumonia and pharyngitis
    Microbiology ApplicationsCefditoren pivoxil can be used to study antibiotic effects against group A Streptococcus and other microbes responsible for phayrngitis.
    Molecular FormulaC25H28N6O7S3
    ImpuritiesSingle Impurity: ≤0.1%
    Total Impurities: ≤5.0%

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    MICHaemophilus influenzae (TUM8)| 2|| Streptococcus pneumonia | 0.25 - 16||