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    CAS Number: 67-48-1

    Choline chloride, USP

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    Choline chloride is an essential nutrient commonly found in eggs, chicken, and number of other foods. Choline chloride is soluble in aqueous solution at 3.7 mg/mL.

    Mechanism of ActionCholine serves as a precursor component to two major cell membrane components: phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin. In addition, choline also functions as a methyl group donor to several different substrates.
    Microbiology ApplicationsBecause of its role in normal cellular processes, choline chloride can be used as a cell culture media supplement.
    ImpuritiesArsenic: ≤2ppm
    Lead: ≤0.3ppm
    Limit of Amines: ≤0.001%
    Individual Impurity: ≤0.3%
    Total Impurities: ≤2.0%
    Organic Volatile Impurities: Meets requirements