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    CAS Number: 102-07-8

    Conglobatin B

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    Conglobatin B was isolated from a previously unreported Streptomyces strain, phylogenetically distinct from the reported conglobatin A producer, Streptomyces conglobatus. Conglobatins B and C diverge from conglobatin through differing patterns of methylation on the macrodiolide skeleton, suggesting a deviation from the published biosynthetic pathway, which proposed three successive methylmalonyl-​CoA extender unit additions to the conglobatin monomer.  Conglobatins B and C exhibited more potent cytotoxic activity selectively against the NS-​1 myeloma cell line compared with conglobatin.

    Molecular Formula  C27H36N2O6

    Lacey HJ et al (2020)  Conglobatins B-​E: cytotoxic analogues of the C2-​symmetric macrodiolide conglobatin. J. Antibiot.  73:756