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    CAS Number: 1421708-43-1

    Neosartoricin B

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    Neosartoricin B was produced biosynthetically in 2013 by Tang and colleagues from UCLA USA by selecting the gene cluster for neosartoricin that is homologous to a conserved cluster among dermatophytes of the Trichophyton and Arthroderma genera. When integrated into the model Aspergillus nidulans host, a structurally related compound neosartoricin B was formed, suggesting a possible role of this compound in the pathogenesis of these strains. Neosartoricin B is the O-deacetyl analogue of neosartoricin A, an immunosuppressive agent.

    Molecular Formula  C24H26O8

    Chooi Y et al (2013)  Genome mining of a prenylated and immunosuppressive polyketide from pathogenic fungi. Org. Lett. 15:780

    Yin W et al (2013)  Discovery of cryptic polyketide metabolites from dermatophytes using heterologous expression in Aspergillus nidulans. ACS Synth. Biol. 2:629