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    De-Plasma™ is a potent and safe anti-Mycoplasma reagent which can be used to eliminate Mycoplasma contamination or can be used prophylactically to prevent contamination.  It consists of a proprietary mixture of three antimicrobial compounds with anti-Mycoplasma properties. 

    Mycoplasma belong to a unique genus of bacteria that lack cell walls.  Their small size and ubiquitous distribution account for their ability to go undetected in seemingly sterile cell cultures, but ultimately cause alterations in cell characteristics and processes, leading to inaccurate experimental conclusions.

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    Microbiology Applications De-Plasma™ II is a safe, effective anti-Mycoplasma reagent to avoid or eliminate Mycoplasma contamination. Use at 5 μg/ml for primary cells in culture and 2.5 μg/ml for prophylactic use.
    Eukaryotic Cell Culture Applications De-Plasma™ (TOKU-E) was used to routinely test carcinoma cell lines (HNSCC cell line) including SNU1076, FADU, HSC-2 and HSC-4 (Bdarny M et al, 2018). De-Plasma was also used to authenticate the human papilloma virus negative cells (Elkabets et al, 2015).

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