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    CAS Number: 42302-24-9


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    Dihydropleuromutilin is a semi-synthetic pleuromutilin formed by selective reduction of the ethene to ethyl. Dihydropleuromutilin exhibits comparable antibiotic potency to pleuromutilin. Extensive studies have been undertaken on semi-synthetic dihydropleuromutilin analogues but the parent compound has received only limited attention.

    Dihydropleuromutilin is soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF and DMSO. 
    ReferencesThe structure and some aspects of the biosynthesis of pleuromutilin Birch A.J. et al. Tetrahedron, 1966, Suppl. 8, 359. 

    New pleuromutilin derivatives with enhanced antimicrobial activity. II Structure-activity correlations. Egger H. & Reinshagen. J. Antibiot. 1976, 29, 923.