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    Erythromycin C

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    Erythromycin C (3''-O-demethylerythromycin) is a minor co-metabolite of Erythromycin.  Other metabolites include A, B, and D   Erythromycin C exhibits a narrower spectrum of antibiotic activity and is less active than A and B.  Erythromycin C is soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF and DMSO but has limited water solubility. 

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    ApplicationResearchers were successful in reconstituting the erythromycin biosynthetic pathway in E. coli to produce Erythromycin C and D involving combining 2 tailoring genes and 14 genes involved in deoxysugar biosynthesis and attaching the megalomicin gene cluster (Peirú et al., 2005).
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