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    CAS Number: 2624-44-4


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    Etamsylate is a haemostatic agent, used to arrest blood flow at the capillary level. It has antihemorrhagic properties. The compound is soluble in water.

    Mechanism of Action

    Etamsylate acts on the first step of hemostasis by improving platelet adhesiveness and restoring capillary resistance. Recent studies showed that Ethamsylate promotes P-selectin-dependent, platelet adhesive mechanisms.

    Eukaryotic Cell Culture Applications

    Researchers measured the expression of P-selectin in the membrane of SV40-transformed aortic rat endothelial cells. There was a significant increase in the percentage of platelets expressing P-selectin even at the lowest concentration (1 uM), with maximal enhancement at 10 uM (Alvarez-Guerra M et al, 2002).

    Molecular Formula C10H17NO5S

    Alvarez-Guerra M et al (2002) The hemostatic agent ethamsylate enhances P-selectin membrane expression in human platelets and cultured endothelial cells. Thromb. Res. 107(6):329-335 PMID 12565720

    Garay RP, Chiavaroli C, and Hannaert P (2006) Therapeutic efficacy and mechanism of action of ethamsylate, a long-standing
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