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    Gramicidin is a combination of six different antimicrobial polypeptides. Gramicidin is insoluble in aqueous solution.

    Mechanism of ActionGramicidin targets and inserts into the gram positive membrane where it disrupts normal permeability leading to cell death. Gramicidin is typically used as a topical antimicrobial agent because it also causes hemolysis of red blood cells
    SpectrumGramicidin targets primarily the cell membrane of Gram positive bacteria and shows little effect against Gram negative bacteria.
    Molecular FormulaGramicidin A1: C99H140N20O17
    SolubilityAcetic acid: Soluble
    Lower alcohols: Soluble
    Water: Almost insoluble
    Elemental AnalysisComposition:
    Gramicidin A1, A2, B1, C1 and C2: ≥95.0%
    Gramicidin A1: ≥60.0%

    Farmer, S. W., and et al. "Gramicidin S Is Active against Both Gram-positive and Gram-negative Bacteria." International Journal of Peptide and Protein Research 47.6 (1996): 460-66. Web. 4 Sept. 2012.

    MICListeria innocua| 0.25|| Listeria monocytogenes| 0.5||