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    CAS Number: 171249-05-1

    Lepimectin A4

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    Lepimectin A4 is a the major analog of a complex of semi-synthetic milbemycins synthesised from 15-hydroxy-5-
    ketomilbemycin A3/A4 by coupling to methoxyiminophenylacetic acid and then reducing with sodium borohydride.
    Commercially, Lepimectin is a mixture of Lepimectin A3 and A4, generically known as Lepimectin, with insecticidal, acaricidal and nematocidal properties. Analytical methods for the quantitation of the lepimectins have been published but there is a lack of data on the properties and biological potency of the individual analogs. Like other milbemycins, Lepimectin acts by opening glutamate-sensitive chloride channels. Lepimectin is marketed in Japan and Korea for use on fruit, vegetable and ornamental plants.

    Molecular Formula  C41H53NO10 

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