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    CAS Number: 87081-36-5

    Leptomycin A

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    Leptomycin A is an antifungal and methyl analog of Leptomycin B, is a minor component of the Leptomycin complex produced by selected Streptomyces species. Leptomycin A, like Leptomycin B, is a potent inhibitor of the nuclear transport receptor exportin 1 (CRM1). The two may differ in exporter selectivity.  The compound is less potent than its analog, Leptomycin B.  Leptomycin A has antimicrobial activity against Schizosaccaromyces pombe and Mucor rouxianus. 

    Leptomycin A is soluble in ethanol and methanol, practically insoluble in water, and unstable in DMSO.

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    Mechanism of Action Leptomycin A inhibits CRM1 (exportin 1), a nuclear export inhibitor, preventing the nuclear export of a broad range of proteins.  It suppresses HIV-1 replication.  

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