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    CAS Number: 597562-32-8

    LL-37 (human) Trifluoroacetate Salt


    LL-37 (human) Trifluoroacetate Salt (LL-37) is a naturally-occuring antimicrobial peptide that is part of the innate host immune system. It is associated with the epidermis and protects the host from bacterial infection. LL-37 has also demonstrated a range of other bioactivity including anti-influenza, immunomodulatory, and cell death activity in certain cell types. Unlike other antimicrobial peptides, LL-37 can aggregate to protect from proteolytic degredation.   This protein fibril can act as a scaffold for functional and durable biomaterials for a wide range of medical and technological applications.

    Mechanism of Action LL-37 assumes a primarily α-helical shape during membrane interactions allowing for membrane penetration, formation of transmembrane pores and bacterial lysis.
    Cancer Applications Accumulating evidence indicates that LL-37 also plays a significant role in human cancer.  It has an anti-cancer effect in colon cancer, gastric cancer, hematologic malignancy and oral squamous cell carcinoma (Chen et al, 2018).
    Molecular Formula C205H340N60O53

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