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    CAS Number: 86-87-3

    α-Naphthaleneacetic acid (1-NAA)

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    α-Naphthaleneacetic (1-NAA) acid is a synthetic auxin plant hormone and is routinely used for the vegetative propagation of plants from stem and leaf cutting.

    α-Naphthaleneacetic (1-NAA) acid is soluble in acetone (50 mg/mL), isopropyl alcohol, and other organic solvents.

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    Plant Biology ApplicationsThe effect of NAA on plant growth is greatly dependent on the time of admission and concentration. When used after four weeks, NAA stimulates shoot growth, while full time use limits growth. When used in a 4-week pulse, adventitious root growth is greatly increased (Ashburner, 1993)
    ReferencesAshburner G.R., Thompsons W.K. and Burgh J.M., Effect of a-naphthaleneacetic acid and sucrose levels on the development of cultured embryos of coconut. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, Vol. 35, pp. 157-163, 1993.