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    CAS Number: 20350-15-6

    Brefeldin A

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    Brefeldin A is a mammalian and plant cell antibiotic involved in protein transport inhibition and tumor apoptosis.

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    Mechanism of ActionBrefeldin A inhibits protein transport by preventing accumulation of COPI proteins on the Golgi apparatus which facilitate vesicle fusion from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). By preventing Golgi-COPI protein function, vesicles from the ER cannot properly fuse with the Golgi to be secreted to destined locations.
    Cancer ApplicationsBrefeldin A has demonstrated anti-cancer properties by inducing apoptosis in leukemia and colon carcinoma cells.
    SolubilityAcetone: Soluble
    DMSO: Soluble
    Ethanol: Soluble
    Methanol: 10 mg/mL, Clear and colorless or light yellow solution
    Water: Insoluble

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