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    CAS Number: 469-54-5

    Griseofulvic Acid

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    Griseofulvic acid is a naturally occurring polyketide metabolite of the griseofulvin family. Griseofulvic acid, the demethylated metabolite of griseofulvin, is excreted in the urine of humans administered griseofulvin for the treatment of fungal infections.

    Molecular Formula  C16H15ClO6

    Harris CM et al (1976)  Biosynthesis of Griseofulvin. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 98:5380

    Zia et al (1979)  Identification of griseofulvic acid as a urine metabolite of griseofulvin in humans. J Pharm. Sci. 68:1335