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    CAS Number: 59979-01-0

    Thiocillin I

    S/.1,108.08 - S/.3,863.70
    Thiocillin I is the simplest of the macrocyclic thiazole peptides, first isolated from Bacillus badius. The final structural assignment and total synthesis of thiocillin I was only completed in 2011. Thiocillin I was originally reported as a potent antibacterial but its biological activity has not been extensively investigated.

    Thiocillin I is soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF and DMSO. 
    Molecular FormulaC48H49N13O10S6
    ReferencesIsolation of three new antibiotics, thiocillin I, II and III, related to Micrococcin P. (Studies on antibiotics from the genus Bacillus VIII). Shoji J. et al. J. Antibiot. 1976, 29, 366.

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